Assessment Services

NDimensionZ has the best resources and personnel to do the security assessment of your system in the most efficient way and deliver results to make it a robust one. Our best hands in network and website security testing put their best effort in finding the vulnerabilities that compromise the security of your system.
The analysis will give life to a detailed report that sums up everything our staff derive from the tests. And this report will have all the data you need to build a robust system from the established ones.


Application Penetration Testing

Malicious hackers can target vulnerabilities in application code and design flaws in web and mobile apps, and APIs to penetrate networks and steal sensitive information. To mitigate these threats, application security assessments must be built into the development and release lifecycle.

Our Approach

  • We uses a various application security testing techniques. By combining the use of leading tools with targeted, expert manual analysis of your application. Our testing include black-box testing, grey-box testing, fault injection, and behaviour monitoring.

  • Our approach goes beyond automated tools and processes to include manual reviews, and tailored manual techniques to fully explore identified vulnerabilities.
  • We make sure assessments are effectively executed within your project timeline by prioritizing the urgency of potential vulnerabilities. It prioritizes your business’s security requirements allowing you to understand and define security strategy from a defines perspective

Why should you hire us?

NDimensionZ packs the most efficient hands in the industry to work for you. We train our staff to stay up to date with the industry requirement and power them with the leading tools. This way, we can deliver the most effective solutions for your security concern, and yet save money and time.

How much will an Application Penetration Testing cost ?

We Are Confident That Quality Of Service & Pricing Model Will Definitely Be Loved By Our Potential Customers

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