DevOps Services

A continuous and seamless collaboration between the development and operations team, enabling an agile business model resulting in reduced time, cost, and silos.

DevOps the Agile Solution

How does NDZ Help in optimising your DevOps Pipeline?

As we all know DevOps is more of a culture that enables a continuous and seamless collaboration between the development and operations team.

NDZ with our proven expertise and infrastructure helps you to deliver best in class DevOps services with an effective implementation strategy. Also we leverage the benefits of Azure and AWS, to improve the CI/CD pipeline, allowing us to provide value to our customers at a faster rate and improved efficiency

NDZ Devops Services & Solutions

When companies are trying to increase their operational efficiency and speed, NDZ thought one step ahead and promised quality deployment of software delivered in a predictable pipeline, thus ensuring that the source code is always in a state to deploy.         

 Why NDZ DevOps solutions and consulting services?

With our expertise in agile scrum services we made a strong foothold in DevOps services. Our DevOps services have proven to provide agility and flexibility throughout the lifecycle of any product. With reduced silos we ensure,

  • Quality and speedy delivery of the product
  • Frequent deployment of working software(sometimes multiple times per day);
  • Fewer errors in new software releases.
  • Reduced gap between fixes

What are the stages in DevOps Lifecycle

If you are planning to implement Devops in your organisation, then it is very much important to know the stages in the DevOps lifecycle. At NDZ we defined the DevOps implementation as 7 stages.

Planning & Continuous Development–  In this stage we do the planning and coding of the software. The vision of the project is identified during this phase. Based on the project requirements, our expert developers start coding. 

Continuous Integration- The process of integrating the newly developed codes into the central repository. This helps find any errors or bugs earlier in the development cycle and enables quicker push out of deliverables.

Continuous Testing-During this phase, the developed codes are tested, either automatically or manually. It is to reduce the time between the code releases. It also provides fast and practical feedback to the developers. This supports the agile environment that DevOps aims to achieve by testing earlier and eliminating the delays.

Continuous Monitoring- Monitoring phase involves all the operational factors of the entire DevOps process, where vital information about using the software is carefully processed to find out anomalies. 

Monitoring produces large-scale data about the application parameters when it is in a continuous use position. The system errors are resolved in this phase maintaining the security and availability of the service.

Continuous Delivery- Continuous delivery is the next crucial step in DevOps lifecycle. Code parts that are  developed, tested, and packaged for release into production. The aim is to release updates to the users fastly and continuously.

To do this, DevOps continuous delivery automates the delivery process  so that new builds can be released at the click of a button.

Continous Deployment-For seasoned organizations, the continuous deployment will be the better option over Continuous delivery. Continuous deployment is the fully automated version of continuous delivery with zero manual  intervention.

In a continuous deployment process, every verified change is released automatically and continuously to users. This process eliminates the need for scheduled release days and accelerates the feedback process, improving agility and accuracy.


DevOps Consulting

DevOps is an Investment with a high ROI. But every investment needs careful selection and implementation. NDZ’s years of experience in the field will help you transition into DevOps effortlessly, we analyse your requirements and guide you through the best DevOps practices to create a collaborative environment.

24X7 Support

Our Team is always ready to combat any trouble that might arise in the delivery system. We lend our 24*7 support to increase efficiency by reducing the deployment time and minimising the lead time in fixing any disintegration. Our efficient piloting makes the delivery system predictable, secure, and manageable.  

DevOps as a Service

We take care of all your DevOps service requirements from assessment to management. We identify your expendable tasks and recognise the right set of tools for a healthy deployment pipeline, enabling one-click deployments, secured infrastructure, and performance optimisation. 

We Are Confident That Quality Of Service & Pricing Model Will Definitely Be Loved By Our Potential Customers

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